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Polimax biodegradable plant fiber manufacturing Co.,Ltd is specialized in biodegradable plant fiber product,which is made of bamboo or chaff.

Result of strength in cost and technology,our products are very popular in EU,USA,Japan,Korea and Australiameanwhile we successed in establishing  long-termed  relationship with more and more famous company.To be pround,there are 12 production lines and 36 million outputs can meet demand of clients well.

Our biodegradable products are made of bamboo or chaff plant fiber.It is a new material with technology,can be widely shaped into various tableware ,houseware and flowerpot under huge force of hydraulic.

Froming without chemicals,make the finished products maintain the property of bamboo or chaff well,and perfectly friendly to human body and environment.

In addition,there are many strengths like:

1)      Low cost result of sufficient law materials supply

2)      Can be bio-degraded into organic fertilizer within 4-6 months in dump or 2-3 years in wild land.Finally be broken down into CO2,H2O and other low molecular compounds,no pollution to environment.

3)      Good air permeability is beneficial to plant growth

4)      Can be customized into different shapes under various colours

5)      Variety safety and biodegradation test approval:GB18006,1-1999& GB19305-2003 Etc.

6)      Passed ASTM-F963-2008 standard (Including Pohs,EN71,Rohs) and F.D.A



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